Covid-19 has confronted us all with a new and unknown set of circumstances. The breadth and depth of anxiety and fear; the urgent need for adaptation in both personal and professional contexts; the yearning for lost routines; the deepened sense of the self as a vulnerable organism; and the overwhelming grief for a devastating number of losses—all of these things weigh heavily and take their toll.

Additionally, for many, there is a call to engage in a spiritual exploration, to find meaning—personally, collectively, historically, cosmically—in this moment we live in, to begin to understand, in a deep psychological sense, our modern world in the grip of a global pandemic.

I am providing psychotherapy sessions online and on the phone. Distance therapy, I have learned, can be as powerful as in-person therapy, generating its own kind of intimacy. When in-person work can safely resume, we will have the option of either meeting face-to-face or continuing the work via telehealth platforms.

Although we are physically distanced, know that support is at hand.