Meditation is the practice of mindful awareness of the present moment. To meditate is to notice our experience of the present moment as it happens, without reacting to it, without trying to make sense of it or change it, at least for the time being. Using the breath as a guide, noticing the inhale and the exhale, we quiet the mind of its streams of reactions and thoughts, or we simply notice the ways that the mind is not quiet, and let that be. We do this in order to deepen our capacity for attention and contemplation, and to make room for compassion and kindness to grow in our lives.

Various meditation techniques have been practiced for thousands of years, in all contemplative traditions. Modern day psychotherapy, itself a kind of contemplative practice, is increasingly influenced by the wisdom found in these ancient traditions.

I host a small sitting group for those who wish to gather in supported silence. Sometimes our meetings include discussions of themes related to mindfulness or Buddhism. This is not a psychotherapy group, but is held in psychotherapy’s spirit of confidentiality and emotional safety.

If you are interested in forming a group of adults, teens, or pre-teens, please contact me for information.

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