“Healing proceeds from the depths to the heights.”
- Carl Jung


I offer psychotherapy grounded in the teachings of Depth Psychology, an open, aware, and warm approach that makes room for all aspects of the inner world—the cognitive and emotional, the conscious and unconscious, the valued and rejected, the somatic and intuitive experiences—to emerge.

I combine this perspective with two key teachings of Mindfulness Meditation: mindfulness, or the ability to stay open to whatever reality is presenting itself here and now; and compassion, which offers the notion that there is healing power in opening one’s heart toward oneself, toward others, and the world.

This combined approach provides a spacious, grounded therapeutic container for doing deep and lasting inner work.


I work with adults and children facing trauma, loss, depression and anxiety, relationship problems, issues with identity or the sense of self, difficulties with attachment and/or separation, and movement through life transitions.


Perinatal work is for women and men, young and old. It can also be for pregnant women and mother-baby pairs, an especially beautiful and vulnerable time of development for both beings.

shadow work

When tended to, we grow more accepting of our true being, become more authentic versions of ourselves, release trapped energy, unlock creative potential, and improve our relationships by not projecting onto others so readily.


Practiced over time, we begin to experience a physiological shift in which our capacity for attention and discernment is deepened, our stressful thoughts are loosened, and our innate wisdom and compassion have space to grow.